The Secret Ingredient To Successfully Sell Your Home

In the last few years of my of Nelson real estate career, there has been one essential ingredient that has stood out for vendors who achieve a successful sale. Whether or not a property sells smoothly, takes time and has challenges along the way, is not always determined by the price – although that can also … More The Secret Ingredient To Successfully Sell Your Home

3 Reasons To Get A Smart Pre-Appraisal

Have you ever wondered what your property is worth in the current market? I often hear from people who want a general idea of their home’s value, but are perhaps not quite ready to order a formal appraisal or registered valuation. My new Smart Pre-Appraisal service makes it super easy to find out your property’s approximate market value, without having to even … More 3 Reasons To Get A Smart Pre-Appraisal

My Amazing Team

All successful people have one thing in common – they surround themselves with a brilliant team. People who are skilled in areas they are not. People who uplift, inspire and motivate them to achieve. And people who believe their vision is one worth working (and fighting) for. Today I wanted to take a moment to … More My Amazing Team

5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Help Sell Your Home

Spring is surreptitiously making a fragrant entrance in Nelson, and the atmosphere about town is starting to change, ever so slightly. With every new season comes a welcome change. Spring in particular is always eagerly anticipated after a long, cold winter, associated with the emergence of new life and rejuvenation. If you’re looking at sprucing … More 5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Help Sell Your Home

Rich List Properties

I recently came across a fascinating article featuring a selection of ‘New Zealand rich lister’ homes. It’s always nice to caress our eyes with an inquisitive dollop of real estate candy every now and then – and undeniably fascinating to see the amazing homes which are speckled across our beautiful country. With that in mind, … More Rich List Properties

Winter Wonderland

Winter has strengthened its steely grip on the city of Nelson this week.  The mountains which surround us are iced with snow, Jack Frost is dancing across lawns all across town, and coats, gloves, hats, and thermals are equipping bodies in full force. Selling in the midst of such cold weather can be hard for … More Winter Wonderland