Top 20 Real Estate Ranking Surprise

Sometimes we can get so caught up in what we’re doing, we forget to take a step back and look at how far we’ve come. Our achievements. Our successes. Our accomplishments.

No matter how big or small, it’s SO important to reward ourselves for the small mountains we climb in our careers. Particularly when we’re working like crazy and overcoming a zillion obstacles while we’re at it!

Although I know this to be true, I also absolutely love my career as a Nelson real estate sales specialist – to the point where I can sometimes become so caught up in what I’m doing, I forget to stop and taste the fruits of my labour!

One example of this was a recent achievement I discovered while examining last year’s sales results for Bayleys Nelson.

When I moved to Bayleys in March last year, I received a lot of advice from friends and industry stalwarts, who highlighted the pitfalls of transferring from one real estate company to another.

Everyone stressed the same thing. That it would take a while – often up to six months – to perform at the same level I was at my previous company.

Whilst I valued the advice, I made a conscious decision not to accept that perception and instead changed my mindset to a more positive outcome. I was determined to continue at Bayleys generating the same sales results, even if it meant I needed to work twice as hard.

And here’s the thing…it worked!

At my first few months at Bayleys, my performance was not only on par with my previous position…IT WAS EVEN BETTER!

Nina James, Bayleys Nelson

AND, while I was busy loving my new career (and consequently selling loads of houses), it turns out I earned some impressive results.

I ranked in the top 20 most deals settled for the month of July 2015 (residential) AND Top 20 For Month – August 2015 (residential), at Bayleys New Zealand!

With approximately 900 sales consultants throughout the country, many of them very high performers, ranking in the top 20 for two months running is no mean feat – let alone in the first few months of joining the company.

The funny thing is, I had absolutely no idea I was ranking so highly! I was completely blown away to discover this news.

It just goes to show the value of taking time to reflect on our progress. AND the accomplishments we can achieve – despite all the odds – with belief, vision and a fantastic support network.

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