The Secret Ingredient To Successfully Sell Your Home

In the last few years of my of Nelson real estate career, there has been one essential ingredient that has stood out for vendors who achieve a successful sale.

Whether or not a property sells smoothly, takes time and has challenges along the way, is not always determined by the price – although that can also be a true instigator!

So, what is the secret ingredient to successfully selling your home?

In two words – letting go.

This is what I have observed:

We market and sell our properties for many different reasons. We may need a larger home, a smaller home, be relocating for work purposes, for financial reasons or a couple parting ways.

For whatever reason, ‘letting go’ of a property – emotionally, mentally and even physically – is integral in enabling the process of a sale to flow easily and successfully.

A vendor who is reluctant to sell can hinder or roadblock the sale of their home. They may outwardly portray they want to sell, when in fact, the truth is they are not yet ready to let it go.

It may sound strange, but to break on through to the other side – the ‘new place of location’ – takes a full commitment and readiness to leave the current situation.

As Sonia Ricotti once said – “Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.”

How have you experienced ‘letting go’ in real estate? What other ingredients have you found to be integral in terms of enabling a successful sale?

Let us know your thoughts!

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