Is Your Agent Communicating With You?


It has been said that communication and trust are the two main ingredients for a successful relationship.

When listing your property with a real estate agent, knowing your professional relationship will be founded upon these aspects is incredibly important.

As real estate salespeople, it’s essential we communicate effectively with our property vendors.

That is, after all, our job. It’s what our vendors pay us to do. And it’s up to us to honour that agreement.

Unfortunately though, many salespeople fail to keep the communication lines open. Days or in some cases, weeks can go by, with no contact whatsoever.

So, if you’re thinking about listing your property for sale, look for someone who has strong communication skills. There’s nothing worse than being kept in the dark.

What does a strong communicator look like?

You are aware of what is happening with your home.
You are constantly being updated with progress.
You know when open homes are happening and you know the response to each one.
You are aware of the feedback from potential buyers and other agents.
You know how many people are showing interest in your home – offline and online.
You are assured your agent is in contact with you – and has your best interests at stake.

One of the other most important traits of a good communicator is they are great listeners.

If you feel as if your voice is not being heard, then find someone who will listen.

Let us know your thoughts!

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