What’s important to you?

Last week I had the pleasure of celebrating my birthday with my husband and a group of my nearest and dearest friends.

Nina's birthday dinner 2013

We enjoyed a delicious dinner at one of Nelson’s best restaurants, situated right on the harbour, where the view was absolutely breathtaking.

Nina's birthday dinner 2013

We wined, dined, and laughed until our tummies hurt. We reminisced over the past year, talked about our plans for 2014, and chatted away about anything and everything.

Nina's birthday dinner 2013

I had the most amazing time and will always treasure the memory.

It reminded me about the power of identifying what’s important in our lives.

Nina's birthday dinner 2013

It’s easy to become embroiled in the hectic maze of life. Working, raising children, running a business, fitness and health, friends, partners, personal development…the list goes on.

Everyone is busy, which is why knowing what our key drivers are is such a crucial part of achieving happiness and abundance.

Nina's birthday dinner 2013

Birthdays are an opportunity to celebrate and have fun – but they’re also an occasion to acknowledge what’s important to us – and to be grateful for whatever that may be.

What’s important to you?

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