Being the Buyer

My family and I have just bought a new house in Nelson – in fact, we just moved in over the weekend – you’ll see photos of our new home throughout this blog post…

Nina James - RE/MAX Elite

The process of finding a new home has been really interesting for me. It was great to experience life as a buyer, rather than the sale facilitator – with the ‘shoe on the other foot’, so to speak.


It was a pertinent reminder of the emotional journey we embark on when buying or selling property. From searching and finally finding the right home,  through to making an offer, negotiating, to going unconditional and eventually settling.


It can be a somewhat emotionally grueling process. We are led on a roller-coaster ride of ups, downs, and anxious in-between moments.


As real estate professionals it can be easy to remain focused in ‘task mode’ and forget to stop and take stock of what real estate ‘feels like’ for others. Empathy is always a good thing.

As with all things in life, there is always value in seeing things from a different perspective. In my own business I strive to treat my clients as I would like to be treated, which means paying attention to the small details and being one hundred percent supportive at every step of the way.


When working with buyers, it’s highly important my clients know they are valued, and are looked after right up to the day they move into their new home. They know they can call on me if they have questions or concerns, at any moment.

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