The Power of Giving


For most of us life is incredibly busy. We can become so ensconced in the colourful and continuous chaos of life in general, it can become almost impossible to look beyond our busy bubbles.

That is why I believe giving back is so important. Not only does it put things in perspective, it helps us to step beyond our personal lives and become part of the bigger picture.

I support an organisation called ‘The Mission Way’ in India which helps widows and orphans on an ongoing basis.

This amazing organisation reaches out to people who have no government support. The money doesn’t get soaked up by administration and running costs.

Without this vital funding, these widows and orphans would remain on the street, begging and living non-existent lives or even worse, death. The Mission Way provides shelter,food, work, and educational opportunities.

Instead of those woman and children not knowing when they will eat, they receive daily nourishment and are given a growing sense of hope for life.

I also support a local ministry in Zimbabwe that brings life and growth to the people of this area. Recently along with many others, we have raised enough money to buy the leader of this organisation a property for him and his family.

Supporting others in need is something I think Kiwis in general are particularly good at. And the reality is, it doesn’t take much to make a big difference.

Let us know your thoughts!

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