There’s nothing more inviting then an immaculately designed bathroom.

Over the years the purpose of bathrooms and how we perceive them has evolved dramatically.

Once used for purely functional purposes, they were traditionally designed for practicality and accessibility.

In this day and age, bathrooms have become one of the most attractive and intriguing rooms of every house, particularly those which are architecturally designed with room for a certain degree of creative freedom.

Here are a selection of a few amazing bathrooms I have come across, which showcase a beautiful variety of bathroom ideas.

Cottage chic…

Bathrooms Cottage Style

His & Hers…

Bathrooms His and Hers

Room with a view – and this one just happens to be for sale in NZ right now…

Bathrooms with a view

Contemporary elegance…

Contemporary bathroom

And the wow factor…

Bathrooms with the wow factor

Whatever your particular penchant, I always find it fascinating to browse for new ideas and inspiration.

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