5 Questions To Ask Your Real Estate Agent

When you’re looking to buy or sell it’s important to team up with an agent who is trustworthy, hardworking, and passionate about helping you to achieve your goals – rather than what’s in it for them.

Finding the right person with the right attitude is crucial, however sometimes it can be difficult to know what to look for.  The most important thing to remember is to ask lots of questions, and treat the process of discovering the perfect person like an interview.

Nina James RE/MAX Elite, Nelson, NZ

Here are my 5 top questions to ask when interviewing a real estate salesperson:

1. What separates you from the competition?
A competent agent will know their point of difference, and won’t hesitate in answering this question confidently. This will not only help you to determine what makes the salesperson unique, it will also show whether or not they are aware of their own strengths, and that they know how to utilise them.

For example, over 80% of my listings come from personal referrals, so I know my point of difference is my reputation for delivering results.  I am always honest and up-front, and I stand by my mantra of ‘raising the standard in real estate’.

2. What is your marketing strategy?
Many agents will follow set marketing guidelines taught by their given company. This can work absolutely fine, but many of the good ones also look outside the square, and provide additional marketing methods which provide wider reach, more engagement and better results.

My blog is one example of this. Facilitated by a communications professional, my blog provides free industry tips and insights, as well as the latest news and listings, so my clients know they are getting more than the average marketing deal.

3. What is your track record?
Asking for sales records, current standings and awards. Knowing how the agent has been performing will form a big part of your decision. I always let my clients know my awards, rankings, and how I have placed in terms of sales within the company. 

4. Do you have any references?
References and testimonials help to support what the agent is telling you. Knowing what others have said about their performance and service speaks volumes about their character and commitment to the cause.

5. Do I like you?
This is one to ask yourself. Always ensure there is a good connection. It’s important to know whether or not you are going to get along, so be discerning in your decision. Many of my clients come back to me time and time again, and we have plenty of laughs together along the way.

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