5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Help Sell Your Home

Spring is surreptitiously making a fragrant entrance in Nelson, and the atmosphere about town is starting to change, ever so slightly.

With every new season comes a welcome change. Spring in particular is always eagerly anticipated after a long, cold winter, associated with the emergence of new life and rejuvenation.

If you’re looking at sprucing up your home now is a great time to undertake a good old fashioned spring clean.

Spring Cleaning

Here are 5 spring cleaning tips to help sell your home:

1. Replace popcorn ceilings. Otherwise known as cottage cheese ceilings, the retro bubbly texture just won’t do. Although it can be time intensive, replacing it with a more contemporary finish will help to add value to your home.

2. Floor face-lift. Steam clean your carpets and/or use a professional wood cleaning product on wooden floors to give the property a luxurious lift and subtle sparkle. Buyers always look at ceilings and floors, so pay particular attention to these areas.

3. Let in the light. Wash the windows inside and out, and ensure the curtains, blinds and light fittings are clean and dust-free. Make the most of natural sunlight.

4. Freshen up. Applying a fresh coat of paint will give your home an instant face lift. To appeal to a wider audience select neutral colours, and when painting the exterior choose shades that are not too outrageous. Consultants at your local paint store should be able to provide you with expert guidance in this area at no cost.

5. Stage the outdoors. Declutter the back and front yards, paint the fence, stain the deck, set up outdoor furniture and consider adding plants or a water feature to create an outdoor ambiance.

And when the time comes to list your property, call me for a free consultation – I am always looking for new houses, and right now the Nelson market is very active, so the timing couldn’t be better!

Mb: 0212937725
Ph: 03 5487705
Email: nina.james@remax-elite.co.nz

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