Winter Wonderland

Winter has strengthened its steely grip on the city of Nelson this week.  The mountains which surround us are iced with snow, Jack Frost is dancing across lawns all across town, and coats, gloves, hats, and thermals are equipping bodies in full force.

Winter in Nelson - the perfect time to sell your house.

Selling in the midst of such cold weather can be hard for many people to fathom, which is why vendors commonly wait until spring to sell.

But as I discussed in a recent blog post, in Nelson the opposite is true. Right now is a fantastic time to sell for one significant reason….BUYERS.

I am literally bursting at the seams with buyers looking for a range of properties in Nelson, and consequently there are simply not enough listings to go around. Therefore, houses are selling quickly – and for an excellent return.

Timing is everything, so if you are considering the idea of selling, I encourage you to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to obtain top dollar for your property.

As the great English poet Geoffrey Chaucer said – “Time and tide wait for no man”.

Contact me today to talk about the opportunities waiting for you.

Nina James
Mb: 0212937725
Ph: 03 5487705

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