Time to Celebrate!

It has been said there is no elevator to success…we have to take the stairs.

Elevator to Success

I’m sure you’re all nodding your heads in agreement with this statement!  But in addition to hard work, grit and unwavering determination, I also believe it’s important to take a breather on that staircase every now and then.

Reflecting upon the journey, exercising gratitude, and refueling with inspiration and enthusiasm is so integral to achieving our goals and dreams.

With that in mind, I am taking time today to celebrate some recent achievements in my job at RE/MAX, which I have just been awarded, including:

Top Individual Sales Associate, South Island, Month of May 2013

Top 50 Sales Associates New Zealand Year to Date (No.24)

Top 10 Individual Sales Associates Year to Date South Island (No.2)

I’m absolutely thrilled to have received these rankings, and although I’ve been working particularly hard, I know I couldn’t have done it without my wonderful support crew.

This year I’ve had the pleasure of introducing a Personal Assistant, Lara Goodall, and a Public Relations / Communications specialist, Amy Cunningham from Cunningham Communications, to assist with the development and direction of my business.  They are right with me every step of the way.

And, what will I do to celebrate?  A nice dinner with my beautiful and infinitely supportive family, toasted with a glass of champagne (of course), is always my favourite option for a celebratory treat.

If you haven’t stopped to smell the roses lately, I strongly encourage you to do so…it is worth jumping off the staircase for, even if only for a moment…

Nina James
Mb: 0212937725
Ph: 03 5487705
Email: nina.james@remax-elite.co.nz

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