Market Update: Rise in Nelson Waterfront Apartment Sales

According to a recent media announcement, the demand for quality waterfront apartments in Nelson is on the rise, which is fantastic news for our beautiful city.

Recently I sold five apartments in total at the Latitude 41 complex, situated at 269 Wakefield Quay, and three of those were sold within the last month!

12/269 Wakefield Quay, Latitude 41 Apartments, Nelson, NZ
12/269 Wakefield Quay, one of the apartments I recently sold at Latitude 41 – Nelson, NZ.

Body corporate chairman Dennis Dolejs, says the elevation in sales is due to a higher percentage of executives being attracted to the region, a brighter local economic outlook, and a buoyant real estate market attracting good returns for investors.

“People who appreciate the low-maintenance style of living are increasingly settling in Nelson, and the waterfront apartments at Latitude 41 are the perfect solution, providing a picturesque setting within close proximity to town, for those people who work in the central business district,” says Dolejs.

“I bought my apartment in late 2004 as an investment. I then decided to try the ‘apartment lifestyle’ and have lived here ever since. I never expected to enjoy it so much. I have noticed a significant increase in turnover and demand over the last six months.  Now is a great time to sell or buy these apartments which are very secure, modern and well maintained, vendors are in some cases receiving reasonable capital gains.”

These apartments are highly desirable for both locals and out-of-town investors alike, so they have always been popular, but recently there has been an exciting shift in the market, and interest in waterfront apartments has skyrocketed.

Latitude 41 apartments have an excellent reputation in terms of design, quality of living, and management, so I am selling them as fast as I am listing them.

If you are thinking of selling your waterfront apartment, now is most definitely the perfect time!  Ring me today to enquire!

Nina James
Mb: 0212937725
Ph: 03 5487705

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