Market Update: Rise in Nelson House Prices

I read with interest (and a quiet nod), The Nelson Mail’s recent article, reporting house prices have risen 0.3 percent in Nelson over the last three months!

Having written about properties selling at the speed of light in a blog post, this came as no surprise to me, however it is always good to see the media reinforcing what those of us in the real estate industry are experiencing on the ground, as it were.

My wonderful RE/MAX Elite broker and owner, Kate Bradley, was quoted in the article saying there was still a high demand for properties, and they are selling within a good time frame.

Craig Hamilton from Mike Pero also said “We’re selling them faster than we’re listing them.”

I couldn’t agree more with these statements.  Most of the properties I have blogged about recently have sold almost immediately, including the whimsical delight on Cambria St, pictured below.

97 Cambria St - Sold!
97 Cambria St sold almost immediately!

 Click here to view more of my recent sales.

If ever there was a perfect time to sell it is now, so if you have been mulling on the idea for a while, there is a fantastic opportunity right now to reap the rewards of your investment.

I’m always happy to chat if you are thinking of selling.  Buyers are ready and waiting, so don’t delay…it could be worth your while.


Nina James
Mb: 0212937725
Ph: 03 5487705

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